ICCI is a database operated by Special Interest Database Company Ltd, Registered in England & Wales (SIDC).
To subscribe to ICCI and place your data on this site you must

1,    Have an email address through which we will communicate with you.

Links will be provided on a reciprocal basis. For those subscribers that provide a link to ICCI on their website, a link to the subscriber's web site will be shown in the search results.

Results of searches without a radius filter will be displayed in random order to so as not to benefit any section of the alphabet. Search results around a geographic point will be shown in distance order.
Subscription is on an annual basis, starting at the date of initial subscription, with fees being collected annnually in advance. One months notice will be given of any changes to subscription levels or payment schedule. For those that do not charge for any of their services such as some online archives, subscription may be free (by application) at the discretion of SIDC. Subscription rate varies with the number of sites registered and provides a promotional forum for up to one year. Subscriptions are not refundable.

It is the subscriber’s responsibility to input data correctly, and to check that the desired results are obtained through undertaking a selection of logical searches within the parameters of the database search facility.

Should in the opinion of SIDC your data not describe accurately the operations of your business we reserve the right (after contacting you to express our concerns) to amend your data to improve in our opinion its accuracy, and further the satisfaction of those searching the data.

In reflection of the very low level of subscription SIDC will not be liable for any refund of subscription for breakdown in service whether through planned maintenance or otherwise. SIDC, their owners and operators will not be held responsible for any consequential loss or liability whatsoever in the event of a breakdown in service.

Other than account management information, all data held by ICCI will be in the public domain so subscribers are advised not to place any confidential information on that part of the site. Details relating to card payments will not be kept or seen by ICCI or SIDC, but will be actioned by the payment gateway company handling the transaction .

Whilst all reasonable endeavours will be made to keep the site secure, subscribers are advised to check the data records relating to their business at regular intervals to verify they have not become corrupted. In the event that a subscribers data has become significantly corrupted, ICCI and SIDC, their owners and operators will not be held responsible for any consequential loss or liability whatsoever in the event of any such corruption. 

SIDC reserve right to change terms, payment schedule and fee. Such changes will be advised on the relevant web site or by email.
Payment may be by card, PayPal or direct debit only through our automated system. Cards taken are  Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, and Maestro. We do not accept payments from cards registered in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Myanmar, North Korea, and Cuba.  Payments will be taken by Special Interest Database Company Ltd.

Subscribers may cancel their subscription up to seven days from the point of their originally subscribing, and will receive a full refund of that original subscription. Beyond that time a subscriber can cancel their subscription at any point using the unsubscribe feature in their account management centre. No further subscriptions will be collected and their data will be masked pending deletion.
Subscribers to this SIDC database do so at their own risk.

Parts of this site, but not all, are translated into other languages for the benefit of those using the site. The principal language of the site is English, and in the event of differences in meaning occurring through translation the English version will take precedence.

Acceptance of subscribers, and selection of the categories placed in the databases by SIDC are entirely at the SIDC's discretion and may be withheld or withdrawn. Subscribers not meeting our terms and conditions will have their subscription cancelled. In the event of cancellation of a subscription by SIDC, a refund will be made for any open subscription period, but not any previous periods.

Use of SIDC databases shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of the UK. UK courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning use of the databases and any matter arising from it.