Please find below a list of some of the common questions we are asked.

How should I decide what data to input for my business?

You know your business best and the products or services you offer. You should also know your client base and what is in their minds when they are searching. The search and filter facility produces answers that are businesses compatible with all the search categories, therefore bear this in mind while filling in your data.  The search system does not make assumptions. We suggest you test your results live to prove to yourself you have entered your data as effectively as you can.

My business works from more than one location. How many of my business’s locations can I have on the site?

As many as you want, and you will be charged for a maximum of 10 locations.

I do not generate any income from the service I provide. Will I be charged to have my data on the site?

No. For those that provide a totally free service for the benefit of others and there is no income stream at all, there is no charge to be on the site. An example of this is some of the free to search archives. Use the appropriate button to apply for free subscription.

How are subscriptions taken?

Subscriptions are taken by PayPal and annually we will give you notice to renew. In the event of a subscription not being paid, after a reasonable time subscriber details will be masked from public view, pending the subscription being paid. Subscriber details thereafter may be deleted from the system.

Does SIDC or its operating databases keep my payment card details?

No. Neither SIDC or the operating databases ever see your payment card details. Your card details are kept by an accredited payment gateway provider.

Can I refer to ICCI the email details of businesses in other countries when I sign up?

Yes, this is most welcome as it helps the database to grow globally.

Do I have to have a web site to subscribe?

No you do not, but a user searching your details will only have the description you give to judge you by.

Do I have to have an email address to subscribe?

Yes, as email is the medium through which we communicate with our subscribers.

I trade locally. Why would I want to be on an international directory.

The directory works just as well for local searches, and there will always be new people moving into your area, and long term locals who will be looking for new suppliers. Many users find new businesses nearby they did not know about. Bear in mind more people trade internationally now and in surprising ways. Who would have thought Europeans would find it cost effective to send their cars to the opposite side of the world for restoration, but it happens, and people are regularly buying parts mail order from around the world now.  If you provide specialist parts or a particularly specialist service, there will often be people in other countries who do not know of you and are struggling to find you.

Why would searching the ICCI database be more useful to me than a search engine like Google?

Search engines like Google are exellent for many searches, but ambiguous words can cloud results and Google gives weighting to more local results, when you may be wanting to search far away. For example, a Corvette is both a WW2 warship and a model of car made by Chevrolet.  A search of ICCI will only show results relating to classic cars, and will give results specifically for the geographic area you chose.